Where I go all third person on you, just to freak you out...

Location: Zambia... Cat was born. Her parents were very happy indeed with their scrawny bundle of joy.

Location: Scotland... Cat grew to be a sturdy little toddler.
Her parents were still happy, but some of the novelty had worn off. Toddler Cat was kind of irritating by all accounts.

Location: Scotland and Yorkshire... The school years, when nothing of interest happened at all. She read a lot, and wrote a bit, and dreamed of not having to go to school. (N.B. To this day, Cat has school-related nightmares on a regular basis.)

Location: Scotland... Cat went to university in Edinburgh and studied things that happened long ago. The student life suited Cat very well indeed. She read a bit, and wrote nothing, and dreamed of never having to work for a living. She also ate lots of toast and tomato soup.

Location: Scotland... The difficult post-uni years. 'What the frack am I going to do for a living?' Cat wondered. She tried her hand at a few things, but always at the back of her mind lurked the idea that maybe, just maybe, she should seek her fortune in London, where the streets were paved with chewing gum and vomit. 'I like reading books... Hmm... maybe I could work with books... in PUBLISHING!'

Location: London... Within two weeks, Cat had landed an awesome job in publishing. She started off marketing children's books, and then moved on to writing and editing them. She wrote books about pirates and sharks and Aztecs and cowboys and weather and even one about London (without mentioning chewing gum OR vomit). This was fun and all, but Cat yearned for more, so she started writing The Novel (aka Entangled). This took a looooooong time. When she finished it, Cat decided to try and get one of those lovely agenty types she kept hearing so much about. She went to the Agent Shop and picked out a good 'un (HA! If only...). Cat and her marvellous agent decided to try and get one of those lovely publishing deals that they'd read about in The Bookseller. They went to the Publishing Deal Shop and picked out a nice, sparkly one (Double HA!). Cat was now officially a Happy Bunny.

Location: Scotland... The present day. Cat is back in the motherland, writing books, wearing hats, fussing cats and being distracted by the most handsome dog in the universe.

photo cat

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